Friday, February 20, 2015

Health Challenge Complete

Well, the health challenge and has come and gone.  This time I was not as diligent at eating right all the time so I struggled some at the end.  Last time I lost weight so easily that I was able to take a little break and indulge and then work a little hard at the end.  This time I indulged some each week and as a result, I had just under 4 pounds to lose the last week, eeek.  So, I buckled down, followed their 1500 calorie a day meal plan and pulled it off, well kind of.  Today was the first day you could weigh in and as of yesterday I still had 0.8 pounds to go.  This morning I had a pound to go so I went running first and then weighed in and was even 0.2 pounds under where I needed to be.  So, did I cheat a little?  Maybe, but I was ready to be done.  It causes me stress and I don't love stress, so I like to weigh in as soon as I can.

I worked out so hard this week that I feel exhausted right now.  Also, I have a cold and a slight fever although I don't feel sick, I just feel exhausted in my muscles.  I did several high intensity interval training workouts this week and my muscles are so sore and tired.  Anyway, moving in to maintenance mode and hope to stay there for a while.  I'm tired of always trying to lose weight.  Hopefully I can just eat well most of the time and stay under 135 and indulge some as well.

Here are my measurements that I took when I started and then again this morning:

January 10, 2015   Weight:  140.6

Neck: 12.5
Chest:  35.5
Under Chest:  30.75
R Bicep:  11.75
Natural Waist:  29.25
Waist:  32.25
Hips:  35.25
R Thigh:  22.3
R Calf:  14.75

February 20, 2015   Weight:131.8  (down 8.8 pounds)

Neck:  12  (down 0.5)
Chest:  35  (down 0.5)
Under Chest:  30  (down 0.75)
R Bicep:  11.5  (down 0.25)
Natural Waist:  28  (down 1.25)
Waist:  30.5  (down 1.75)
Hips:  34  (down 1.25)
R Thigh:  21.6  (down 0.7)
R Calf:  14.5  (down 0.25)

A total of 7.2 inches lost :)

I went down in every measurement so that's great.  Here's to a healthy, weight maintaining year!!!

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